It's that time of year...

…when the Halloween decorations come down and the Christmas candy and decorations are already fully stocked on store shelves.


If i’m being honest, I have never decorated for Halloween. And you’re lucky if I snap together my pre-lighted twig tree the week before Christmas.

And if it wasn’t for my husband, who picked up 2 giant boxes of cheaply made wreaths at the auction, I probably wouldn’t be decorating again. A shame, really. Seeing as we finally have a home of our own to decorate and most days I can’t even find the energy to load the dishwasher.


But here I am - outside after work securing said wreaths to the black-painted posts of our fencing while Eleven supervises. What’s the fencing for? More on that later when the occupants move in. I’ve also realized that my decoration aversion probably comes from the loathsome task of straightening out the wire branches. A task in which my husband puts me to shame. Seriously, it is painfully obvious which wreaths I was in charge of.