New Car Smell

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. It happens. But did it have to happen the Friday before Christmas?

I am a Jeep girl. When I realized my dreams of having a Porsche Boxster or a Dodge Viper probably wouldn’t happen, I found myself eyeing Wranglers. I was fascinated with the entire Jeep culture - I mean, there’s even a Jeep wave. For a girl who’s bright turquoise Saturn SC2 was long gone and was now suffering in grandpa’s gold Buick Regal (complete with that odd black partial-fabric top) - a Jeep seemed like the way to go.

Naturally, in April of 2014 when the Buick dash lit up like a Christmas tree, I had enough. And within days found myself at the Jeep dealer and shortly after signing paperwork for a gray Unlimited hard top. My first brand new car - the down payment even then set aside from eBay sales.

I honestly have no idea what the dealership was thinking letting me, on a marketing assistant salary, drive away in a brand new Jeep. But at the time I didn’t care. You need to extend the loan to 75 months? Sure - go ahead. And maybe that should have frightened me, but I was determined to pay it off earlier. And in the second half of 2017, I did.

Now if there’s one thing my dad said that’s stuck with me, it’s that Jeeps are not reliable vehicles. They’re poorly rated, blah blah blah. To which I replied that was okay, because AAA was very reliable so I would be fine. And I was…at least until the Friday before Christmas that I couldn’t reverse out of my own driveway and could only get the gear into 4WL.

So of course I panicked. And Google’d “my Jeep won’t reverse what’s wrong with it”. Full disclosure - don’t ever do that. It’s like Web MD’ing your symptoms. Because according to Google I needed a new clutch and that was in the $1,200+ range. About that time was when the tears started.

Luckily for me I had been saving up for a car for months now. My Jeep has over 100,000 miles. There were multiple leaks (of which I said let it leak because the estimates on those repairs was well over $2,000). So Friday night I unexpectedly found myself leaving the Subaru dealer as the proud new owner of a Subaru Forester.

I made a promise to myself then to change the way I’ve run my business. To make it more profitable. To be more organized and explore other avenues. So here’s to jumping into 2019 and making it the best year yet.