Spoke Too Soon


So while I was contemplating the amount of work that the house needed last night, I was interrupted by my husband near-convulsing in the hallway from the cold. And it wasn’t until that moment, wearing 3 layers, that I realized that I hadn’t heard our heater kick on in ages.

Of course this would happen on the windiest, coldest day of the season to date. Just one degree above freezing.

After a handful of frantic calls to various emergency services, we were able to find someone that was willing to drive out and stick around until well past midnight to take a look and see why we were getting no heat. Turns out our 500+ fuel guzzling gas tanks were completely empty. If there’s one thing that will make your head spin, it’s finding out that your monthly fuel delivery service hadn’t delivered fuel in over 2 months.

Thankfully this story does have a happy ending - seeing as we were able to get it started and then placed another emergency call to get a fuel truck out for a 2:00 am fuel delivery.

I can only be grateful that we can always light a fire to keep us warm.