I have to admit, I have some pretty lofty goals for 2019. On the top of that list are student loans and credit card debt. In other words, the 2 items that seem to be plaguing everyone these days. One of the main reasons started this side-hustle was to help with the bills - and thankfully up until now it’s allowed me to make some modest dents in some things. My Jeep loan was paid off in 2017. It’s allowed me to purchase my Subaru when things looked pretty pathetic before Christmas.

And yet I’m always trying to find new ways to make money. I learned the hard way not to depend on eBay for everything. With fees rising and new policies that do more to protect buyers than sellers, it’s pretty hard not to take a look at my strategy for 2019.

Possibly my biggest task for the year is to always have things to put in auctions. Like everything else it’s a risk. I can’t set my prices. I can’t bid my own items up to get a better price (that’s called shill bidding and it can get you kicked out of an auction). I also can’t control what buyers will be there sale day. Will the wealthy husband and wife that always buy jewelry be there? How about the guy that collects coins?

You get the idea.

My husband and I had decided to swap out some furniture and rather than dump the pieces to the curb (my husband is of the “toss everything” mindset, and I am of the “sell everything” variety) we loaded up the Sprinter with these two pieces instead:


With an auction estimate of $500 - $1,000 we were hoping to fall somewhere in that range to recoup some of what we had paid for them (In full disclosure, we purchased these for our home and they were not cheap).

So we were very pleased with this $1,200 sale. Now my only question is - when can I do that again!?