Making it Official

There are a lot of moving parts when trying to create your own platform. All of the little behind the scene pieces that are now your responsibility.

There’s no help desk to call when you get stuck. You might even need to take a crash course in coding in order to build aspects of your site. You can no longer rely on someone like eBay or Poshmark to do the promoting for you.

And that’s really hard. I’m a follower. Give me a game plan and I’ll jump right in. Give me a blank slate and I am in way over my head.

But I have found excitement in the little things. The business cards. The domain email address. The watermarks I can now add to my photos. Those were all things that I did, and that’s rewarding all on its own.

eZy Watermark_15-01-2019_09-09-43PM.JPG
eZy Watermark_15-01-2019_09-20-51PM.JPG