Deal or No Deal

I really have to be in the mood to thrift before I head out in search of new inventory. Otherwise I find myself dragging my feet and haphazardly pushing clothes around on racks. I can only imagine how many things I’ve skipped over because I just wasn’t feeling it.

But as thrifting becomes more mainstream, it gets harder to score designer brands for less than your morning cup of Starbucks. Take some of these examples from my latest trip - Preowned Lilly Pulitzer dresses for $49.99 each? How about a Lucky Brand tee for $24.99 or Michael Kors for a whopping $79.99?

It’s easy to get discouraged with those kinds of prices. Something I like to remind myself of when I’m thrifting is the sheer quantity of the donations come in. It’s impossible for one person to know and catch every single designer item that comes through their doors. Just as it’s impossible for me one person to sift through every single item of clothing in a shop.

So I passed over the overpriced Lilly cotton dresses and outdated Ralph Lauren in favor of snagging the Helmut Lang dress nestled between them at a much more reasonable $7.99