Vegan Burger Inspo

A few weeks back I let myself be talked into some vegan burgers for the first time. I was a bit apprehensive because I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. But what really caught my eye was the wall of greenery.


It’s ingenious, really. Cheapy, plastic greenery that adds some texture and interest. And makes an awesome Selfie spot if you ask me.

As I struggle to find new ways to separate my photos from the millions of others out there, I keep revisiting the possibility of having my own green wall. Or at least, as much of a green wall that my husband will let me get away with.

If you follow any resellers, especially on Instagram, you’ll notice that everyone’s setup is unique. Some might use brick. Others might use a cactus or other props. And you’ll even see some people that map out entire outfits just to sell a pair of jeans. And if they keep it consistent, you’re likely to recognize exactly who the photo belongs to.

Now to decide just how I would like to brand my photos…

Brittany Jones2 Comments