Going Once...Going Twice...

Auctions are rough.

Having experienced the multiple facets - buyer, seller, and employee - there is very little that surprises me anymore. I’ve unpacked boxes with live (and dead) mice. I’ve had to stop an auction (multiple times) because my computer crashed. I’ve consigned items that have sold for both $2.50 and $200+. I’ve also paid way too much for an item simply because I did not like the woman bidding against me.

Disclaimer on that last one - don’t do it. No one is going to pay your bill except you.


As tiresome as auctions can be, they are also a fantastic resource that I think everyone needs to utilize at least once in their life. Seriously, do it just to scare yourself out of hoarding - just think about your family putting everything you have ever owned in an auction once you’re gone. And I do mean everything. Man, have I seen some things…

This past Saturday I spent clerking a sale while simultaneously shopping for new items for my own store. I didn’t get much, but I’m also working on quality and not quantity for 2019.

The hardest thing I’ve found is knowing your designers and knowing them well. Often times there are no receipts or boxes and even if there are, that’s not necessarily a claim to their authenticity either. And unlike most stores, auctions have terms and conditions built in that push the responsibility onto the buyer. I typically leave it behind if I have doubts - check out the photos from this sale - think I made a mistake?