I can’t say we didn’t know entirely what we were getting into buying a 200 year old farm house. But I can’t say I’ve been completely prepared for it all either.

Since moving in, we’ve had to replace the stove, washer, dryer and dish washer - all within the span of a few months.

We’ve caught 2 black snakes and 3 mice - and have seen at least one more scurrying by and disappearing before we could do much more than jump in surprise. The spiders here are so big you can catch the reflection in their eyes with a flashlight.

Our water heater is in the darkest pits of hell (basement) and if I do have to go down there to reset it, you’d better believe I come wielding full body armor and a shovel.

You guys get the idea. Adulting is scary. It’s hard. It means taking birthday money and using it to buy groceries. It means when something breaks I can no longer just call maintenance to come out and fix it. And that just sucks.

So while I deal with some possible furnace issues (because of course), I’ll allow the small projects that got done around the house this past weekend bring me a little bit of joy.

It might not be much, but it is ours.