Oh (Real) Christmas Tree

I wish I could tell you my first real Christmas tree trip was some kind of magical, whimsical, insta-worthy trip. You know the posts. The girl with the perfectly coiffed hair with the chunky knit pom-pom hat and Bean Boots. She’s typically cradling a Venti Starbucks holiday cup with her #freshmani.

Truthfully, I showed up alone. There was no dear husband to walk hand-in-hand down the rows of trees with. I had previously peeled my burgundy gel manicure off of all but my thumb nails and apparently “tree season” had started weeks ago. So I was a bit late to the party.


Even though I was decidedly late, I am enjoying the smell of pine. And I impressed even myself by drilling holes into the base for the stand and screwing the pin in.

Pine needles…Pine needles EVERYWHERE

Pine needles…Pine needles EVERYWHERE